Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ginger and Grammy took the kids to Williamsburg today. From the looks of the pictures it was entertaining. Makes me wish I could be there with them, but noooo, I'm stuck back here at home stuck in the daily grind of going to work.

The hats were apparently very popular today.

I should have told Ginger to look for a pair of Nike Air.

This was from what Ginger called the "Fife and Drum Program: Musket Portion".

According to Ginger "When you like what they do you say Hazah." I wonder if she meant "Huzzah".

For 75 years this apparently served as the Governor's palace in Virginia.

The kids evidently were referring to this as the "Foot Jail".

Like the shadow Quinn makes in this one with his hat. It looks like he has a triangle for a head.

When Ginger was telling me about the picture above she was saying how it reminded her of when we did that. The conversation went something like this:

Ginger: It's just like when we took our pictures in one of those.

JamesF: When was that.

Ginger: <disdain>On our honeymoon</disdain>.

JamesF: Oh. Right. Then. Really? We did? I don't remember this.

Ginger: Yes. We took pictures. You should use those pictures and this one in your blog post.

JamesF: Ummm, okay.

So I went searching, and lo and behold she was right. I didn't really doubt her, I just apparently don't remember stuff that well anymore. Luckily I have all these pictures to look back on "help" my memory.

Once I saw the picture I did remember this. I think it was in St George Bermuda. It was in the middle of a town square. Which seemed a bit odd since the whole town square was filled with touristy type shops. I will say the photo album only had this shot of me, I didn't see any of Ginger locked up.

Oh yea, and in theory I should be doing something with Brick since everyone's in Richmond, but honestly I'm not sure I'll have time to get to that. And against all odds for two days in the row the heat pump has continued to function. Maybe we've turned the corner on that one.


wtfree3 said...

Maybe brick should stay at the office with you. Or maybe brick should fix the heat pump.

Pete said...

Regarding "...triangle for a head":

Q: Is he not Quinn? A: He is Devo!