Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kid Swap

We swapped the kids today. Ginger took Quinn down and met Grammy and Catherine in Fredricksburg and they traded Catherine for Quinn. Hopefully we'll be able to raise enough for the ransom to get Quinn back at some point in the future or they may decide he's too much trouble and just return him to us free of charge (I know where my money lies).

And something has gone horribly wrong with the heat pump that was just fixed yesterday. Either that or by a strange freak coincidence the thermostat controlling it died and / or has suddenly lost power. The thermostat tonight just went blank with no more digital readouts and using power testing cables I can't see a charge in the cables leading to it. Not sure whether it's a power cabling to the thermostat issue or something related to the heat pump. Guess we'll be having the repair guys come out yet again to take another look.

I can't believe summer is almost over already. For some reason it doesn't feel like I did anything summery yet except for the vacation down to the beach. And speaking of the beach, the above is one my pictures from the beach that was a bit too abstract to make it into one of the beach day posts.


wtfree3 said...

Are you sure your digital thermostat doesn't run on a AA or AAA battery? Mine does.

JamesF said...

No batteries. I took it apart and used a power tester on the actual wires that power it and didn't see a charge on the wire. Turns out it was some connectors outside the house had gone bad.