Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Fever

We missed watching the opening ceremonies Friday night, but I went back and watched some of it on YouTube (what I could find anyway since most of the coverage had been removed due to copyrights). But just from what I could find I will say holy crap did China drop a ton of cash on getting ready for the Olympics (and the guy on wires running through the air along the side of the stadium to light the cauldron was pretty cool).

We've been letting the kids watch some of the coverage today. And because of that now Quinn's really into volleyball. This meant lots of explaining the rules as he watched. I had to look up some information since I couldn't answer all the questions off the top of my head (I had no idea why one of the players was wearing a different colored jersey before looking the answer up online). He even went into the library and set up his cars into a makeshift volleyball court (see the picture above). The trains are the net and there are six cars on each side representing the teams with the referee there in the middle.

I imagine this will last until he sees some other event that he takes a shine to and then he'll be into that. The only bad thing about Quinn when he gets his mind set on doing this kind of stuff is he wants to go outside and do it himself. But just like when he wants to go out and play baseball I had to explain that it's really difficult to play volleyball when it's just two people. So he tried to recruit Catherine to play, but she's not exactly what you would call a star player (we spent most of the time just trying to get her to actually be able to serve the ball).

Oh yea, and remember those Lego's that they bought yesterday at Potomac Mills? Of course with all these Lego's Catherine decides she wants to build the duck that's shown on the cover of the box. Well to make the two ducks requires several really small pieces of which there are only two of in the whole 700 piece set. So we ended up having to sift through the Legos for a good while.

After the kids watched some of the distance biking event suddenly we had to go outside and ride bikes. So while they were doing that I experimented with slowing down the shutter speed on the camera and taking some panning shots. I think I got the intended effect with the shot of Catherine, but the one with Quinn looks a bit off for some reason.

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