Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cooling Off

So after another visit today by the heating guys we have the heat pump working again. The problem was apparently with some connectors or something outside the house. And we found out that the thermostat is powered by the heat pump unit itself, so when the heat pump turns off so does the thermostat. And without the heat pump cooling things off last night it got pretty hot. Not nearly as hot as it was when we were at the beach last month, which is where the above picture is from (man, I had to work to get that segue for the picture in there). But now it's all working again, so temperatures are back to normal.

And some of the big political news of the day is that at the Democratic convention Hillary's name will be put forward as a presidential candidate. That should be interesting. I can only imagine the news media is tripping over themselves with this news. I mean sure they say it's just a symbolic gesture, but I could easily see them releasing some damaging news right before the convention and then trying to swing the superdelegate vote.

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