Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing With The Macro Shots

Once again a Sunday comes and goes and we accomplish almost nothing. Lunch turned into one of those marathon sessions and didn't finish until close to three thirty. And considering the kids still needed to clean some downstairs that didn't leave a lot of time in the rest of the day for any other activities. And tomorrow is the big day in which Catherine is going to get retested for allergies. The hope is that Catherine isn't allergic to peanuts them anymore. Wikipedia claims 25% of kids outgrow it, but I don't know how accurate that number is since Ginger's often quoted that number as being as low as 5% to me in the past). In addition to getting retested for peanuts (and other nuts) I believe she'll also be tested for seafood, so maybe our eating out choices will grow after tomorrow. Hears hoping for really good results. I can't tell how happy it would make me not to have to worry about the peanut allergy anymore since that severely limits where we can eat out.

All the pictures here are from the past month of so with my handheld Nikon. I've noticed that even though I'm not overly fond of my handheld Nikon that it does take some really good macro shots. Much better than I can take with my regular camera since I don't have a dedicated macro lens. I particularly liked how the flower shot above turned out (the color and black and white version). The rest of the shots that follow are standard (or even substandard) fair in my mind.


gaz said...

it's nice to see someone getting sunshine...
should the headinng read 'macro' rather than 'marco'?

BullBunky said...

Wow. That bug scared the crap out of me!! I don't like them so up close and personal. Nice job :)