Monday, August 04, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

While we were at the beach Ginger and I got to watch a couple movies. One of them was Definitely, Maybe. It's a romantic comedy done in a very different way. Plus it has my man crush Ryan Reynolds in it. The story is told in a unique way I thought, the story starts with it being made obvious that Ryan's character Will has recently separated from his wife and he explains to his daughter the story of how he met and ended up with her mother. You don't know at the start of the movie who the mother is so it's a 'mystery' where the daughter is trying to figure out who he ends up with that eventually becomes her mother.

Overall it's a very nicely done romantic comedy. It's not hysterical laugh out loud funny, but strikes a nice balance I think between the comedy and romantic aspects. The daughter character seems to be wiser than you would expect for her age, but that seems to be all the rage in story telling these days. And the story is told as a series of flashbacks through time, so you get to see stuff in the background that's representative of the time period and those are always fun to see how things have changed.

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Barry said...

I watched on a plane ride a month ago and liked it.