Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Adventures

At work today I kept getting pictures sent to me showing what everyone was up to. I'll say the camera on the iPhone isn't too bad, but it seems to add a lot of noise when there's not enough light. I think it's a 2 Megapixel camera, but when the photos are emailed from the phone they get compressed to 800x600 size. The above was from lunch at Potomac Mills. They went to Potomac Mills for a visit to the Lego store. While at the beach Quinn got a small Lego set with a lot of designs, but of course some of the designs included required significantly more 2x4 pieces than he had from all his existing sets (he needed over 60 of them). While they were at Potomac Mills I hear they also to J Jill, Chico and they Rita's (I'm a bit disappointed I missed out on going to Rita's).

After the mall they apparently stopped at Burke Lake on the way home. I had to ask though since I've never been there and didn't recognize the background in any of the pictures.

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