Sunday, May 03, 2009

We Don't Have Those

A conversation that occurred today in the kitchen in regards to our tile flooring:

Ginger: The floor is wet. I almost slipped. You realize I could have really hurt myself.

JamesF: Well, we should just get rid of the floor then.

Ginger: Great! I've been wanting to do that.

JamesF: What? Wait, really?

Ginger: Yes, I want to put in hardwood floors like we did in Catherine's room.

JamesF: Well... Ok, but... The cost... Ummm... Kids! What do you think? You want to get rid of the floor in the kitchen?

Quinn: Nooooo!!

Catherine: I don't want to change the floor.

JamesF: Gee dear, I would love to do it, but the kids really don't want to.

Ginger: Quinn, what's it going take for you to change your mind?

Quinn: Nothing!

Ginger: Catherine?

Catherine: No, I don't want the floor to change.

Ginger: There's nothing I could do to persuade you to change your minds?

Quinn And Catherine together: No!

JamesF: That's it kids, don't let her bribe you or influence you. You stick to your principles.

Quinn: We don't have principals!

JamesF: Good to know.

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