Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art Festival

We attended the 18th Annual Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival on Saturday. Pete lives in that area so we met him for a bit. Lots of artwork on display. At the prices being charged I need to get Will to open a booth here next year so he can sell his wares.

I really liked these glass works. They have color planes inside so the color disappears and changes at different angles. The piece above was about 4k though, so it's a little outside my price range.

We got to visit Pete's place and the kids got to go up to the roof of Pete's building and check out the view. Neither of them seemed particularly bothered by the height (in fact on Pete's balcony I was the one pulling them back a bit since I was starting to get what felt like vertigo looking over the edge).

Later we met up with Ken and Amanda and visited the tents set up for the kids to work on their own artwork. Above they would take some water color, put a big blot onto the paper and then blow it with a straw to make designs. If you try this at home I suggest lots of paint cloths underneath, or do it somewhere you don't care it gets paint everywhere.

Quinn got bored with the art stuff, so while Catherine and Amanda were working on other items he was out running laps. He did briefly head back in to join Catherine and Amanda as they all worked on their junk jewelry.

We saw Pete again later as he was purchasing some paintings.

And this is Catherine with her final collection of art. We had to leave shortly after this due to inclement weather that was approaching. So we headed off to Red Robin with Ken and Amanda for dinner.

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