Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quinn's Birthday

Today Quinn's school had a small activity in recognition of his birthday. As such Ginger and I went ahead and showed up so she could speak during the event and I could take some pictures (it's what I do). Quinn performed his walking around the "sun" ritual as the other kids looked on and listened as Ginger spoke about the various years.

The kids all like these events as their is usually some snacks and / or tasty goodness involved after the ritual is done and today was no exception. Hard to believe I now have a kid that's eight years old. I just wished he liked sleeping a little bit more than he does since he's always up before the crack of dawn these days.

After school when Quinn got home he opened up his presents. I wasn't around for this part, but Ginger took some pictures. He got a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of Star Wars Lego products.

For dinner we went out to eat at Sweetwater. It's part of that Great American restaurant chain that I think is horribly overpriced for a lot of items on the menu. But the kid meals are reasonably priced and it's safe for Catherine, so we end up eating there a lot. Besides, it was Quinn's birthday so he got to pick what we did for dinner. I think he picked Sweetwater because he knows that at sit down restaurants him and Catherine get to play their Nintendo DS while they wait for the food to come out.

We only had Quinn's camera at the meal, but I decided to try and take an artsy type shot with his point and shoot anyway. Sort of a challenge to see if I could manage a decent picture with a regular point and shoot.

After dinner we returned home and Quinn showed me all the various Star Wars Lego presents he had acquired earlier in the day. I'm thinking this should keep him occupied for at least a couple of weeks I would hope.

After that it was time for the traditional cake and singing!


Barry said...

Happy belated birthday

dashrb said...

It's good to see you writing again.

gaz said...

happy birthday from england quinn!
ethan is 8 two weeks today.