Sunday, May 31, 2009

Man That's Really Cold

Catherine had a birthday party to attend today, but before she left the kids were outside bike riding for a bit.

Ginger took Catherine to the birthday party. It was with a bunch of kids from Catherine's class at school and was at a miniature golf place. I don't know what kind of score Catherine got, but from looking at the pictures Ginger took I would guess it was probably well over 100 for 18 holes.

While the girls were off at the party Quinn decided we should go to the pool. Quinn's been really excited about going to the pool since it opened last weekend. To make it more interesting we decided to bike over to the pool instead of driving over.

I didn't really think this through since I wasn't really wanting to get in the water myself. Once we were there though Quinn didn't really give me that option though insisting that I get in too. Did I mention the pool just opened last weekend? It was warm out (maybe in the eighties), but it still wasn't warm enough to make the water comfortable so the water was really cold. I mean really really cold.

The pool itself wasn't that crowded (probably because most people realized the water wasn't going to be that warm). So Quinn had the diving board almost to himself. I will say even though I thought the water was beyond chilly it didn't seem to bother him that much. And as yet another side effect of getting old I've noticed now that once I get out of the water my ear continues to feel like there's water in it well after I get out of the pool. It's a very annoying feeling.

On the way home we passed by a one of the parks in our area that has recently had the playground equipment renovated. It looks all new and spiffy, and they even have a faux rock climbing wall.

Catherine was a bit upset when she got home and learned that we had gone to the pool without her, claiming once again that it "wasn't fair" (it's there new thing, nothing is ever "fair" these days). She eventually got over it though after it was pointed out that she got to go to miniature golf and Quinn didn't.

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