Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attending A Backyard Birthday Party

The kids attended a birthday party today. It was a backyard birthday party complete with inflatable moon bounce / slide, a zip line and pony rides.

The fact that there was a birthday only came up during the cake for about five or ten minutes. All the rest of the time was all the kids running around and playing.

The party was for one of Catherine's friend's and Quinn's previous classmate. He was, besides the birthday girls brother, one of the oldest kids attending the party.

At the end there was a piñata for the kids to break, but it was apparently made of titanium since they had all the kids take three swings at three separate times and it still didn't break open. They eventually switched over to using a metal baseball bat and after about five whacks with that it finally opened (they actually had two piñatas, but given how long the first one took they just broke open the second one rather than try and have the kids break it).

Afterwards it was kind of late, which is too bad, because Ginger had wanted to head back to the art festival over in Reston. But that wasn't an option since by the time the party was over the festival only had another half an hour before it closed also.

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