Saturday, May 30, 2009

Full Day

Quinn and Ginger were off running errands this morning (I believe they were buying presents for an upcoming birthday party or something), so while they were gone Catherine decided to do some chalk drawings. She made a really elaborate drawing inside the garage.

Later in the day Ken and Amanda came over. A lot of times when Amanda is over Catherine and Amanda will play together and Quinn gets left out a bit. So I took Quinn on a bike ride around the neighborhood while the girls were cooking in the kitchen.

Once we got back home, it seems all of them wanted to go bike riding. Luckily we still have Catherine's old bike from before she upgraded to Quinn's, so after slapping the training wheels back on that the kids were off and riding.

Then there was more chalk drawing, but this time they were having Quinn pull the wagon around the cul de sac while hanging out the back of the wagon and drawing a path. Needless to say this wore Quinn out after a while. Hope the neighbors don't mind all these chalks lines in the road.

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