Saturday, May 23, 2009

Viva Vienna

We attended the Viva Vienna festival today. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun, but personally I'm not sure how many more years we can continue to go to this. We got the all day pass for the kids, and they actually rode enough rides to cover the cost (yes, we counted). But a lot of the rides are geared towards younger kids. Don't get me wrong, that didn't stop Quinn and Catherine from riding them, but I have to wonder how entertaining the ride that just goes around and around like a poor man's Merry-Go-Round can really be. There are other rides at festival that are geared towards older kids, but for now they don't meet the requirements for those rides, so they're currently stuck at a stage between the kiddy rides and the more adult rides.

These swings are an example of a ride that I feel the kids are a bit too old for personally. That didn't stop them from riding this several times though.

Another ride the really enjoyed multiple times was the mini roller coaster. It hesitate to even call this a roller coaster though given how small it is.

Then there were the extreme kiddie rides. The ones that they would simply sit in and it would got around in a circle. I really don't understand how they were staying entertained on these rides. In fact, I seem to recall they would almost immediately look bored after it had gone around twice.

The scambler was the most adult ride we did and I went with them on that. We briefly considered the Ferris wheel, but decided against it.

There were a couple of rides where in addition to going around in a circle you could spin the thing you were riding in. They went on a bunch of these. Given how fast they made the things spin I was glad I wasn't in there with them. Being old now I can't handle that as well as the kids. For this particular teacup ride I really wish I had a video camera. Catherine had it spinning faster than any of the others and I swear I thought she was going to make herself sick. But she didn't, and in fact right after riding it Quinn came over and she rode it again with him (although they didn't have it spinning as fast combined as she had it going when she was by herself).

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