Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom I Broke It Mom I Broke It

I'll be shocked if anyone realizes the title for the post is actually from an episode of the Simpsons. Even if you didn't know / don't remember it, trust me when I say it applies in this case. One of the things we bought for Quinn for Christmas was a new camera. He really likes taking pictures (video more than anything really) and we thought this would be a good chance for him to prove that he was responsible enough to be entrusted with a camera of his own. On our trip to Richmond this past weekend it somehow got underneath his car seat and then when he sat in his car seat it "crunched" completely destroying the LED screen. The camera still works, although it's impossible now to tell what mode it's or how to turn off the flash or change any of the settings. Even just getting the subject centered is now a challenge. I feel like this is partly my fault, because I reminded him to get his camera if he wanted it before we left for Richmond. He was a bit upset when he realized the extent of the damage. I know this is a life lesson and that he needs to learn that he's responsible for his own things, I just wish it hadn't been such an expensive lesson. I mean couldn't he have just broken a balsa wood airplane or something instead?

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