Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Golf Outing

I let Pete talk me into attending our company's golf outing. I've avoided this thing like the plague for the past couple of years because I'm terrible at golf (and for some reason when I did sign up they would always rate me as B player when clearly I'm a D or a really bad C). But Pete decided we would put together a team that was playing just for fun so I foolish decided to participate. We played captain's choice (which is basically everyone hits the ball and you pick the best one to hit from next). The winning team was like 9 under par. We finished at 15 or 16 over. I don't know for sure if we came in last place, but if we didn't we had to be close. To be honest, after about 12 holes I felt like I could quit at that point. Those last six holes were just brutal to have to play through. I increased my club usage by 20% this outing. I normally only use the 9, the wedge, the putter and sometimes the 7, but this time I tried hitting with the 5 iron a couple times. The results of which have led me to believe I should just stick with the other four clubs instead. I had a small video of me putting a ball into a lake, but since you couldn't actually see the splash I figured there wasn't any point in uploading it (for the record, everyone else on my team also managed to put their ball into the lake on that shot also, so I didn't feel too bad).

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