Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another Road Trip To Richmond

We took a day trip down to Richmond today. The purpose of the visit was to allow everyone in Richmond to be able to celebrate Quinn's birthday and to have all of us be able to check in on Ginger's grandmother.

This may shock people, but Quinn's gifts consisted of more Lego Star Wars items. It's almost like he gets tunnel vision at times and right now that's all focused on Lego Star Wars stuff.

And it wouldn't be a birthday celebration without more cake.

This time though Quinn insisted that his Blue Dog have a birthday party too. Since he knows he got his Blue Dog a day or so after he was born he's decided that's when Blue Dog's birthday is. So Blue Dog got to have everyone sing to him and got to blow out candles too. (Note that Blue Dog did not have his own cake, but shared Quinn's.)

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