Saturday, May 02, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Today was Free Comic Book day. However, since the kids were still sick this meant I had to make the journey to the comic book store solo. There seemed to be a full house. I wish I had brought my camera because there were people dressed up in costume (Star Wars mainly). Quinn would have loved it I think. I wanted a picture because I found it amusing to see a short stout (and not to mention a slightly portly) Darth Vader surrounded by Stormtroopers that were all significantly taller than him. The only thing I think that could have made the scene more amusing was if Darth Vader had started talking like he had inhaled helium. The comic book pickings themselves this year were pretty weak as far as kids go. And the ones for girls were practically non existent. For the adults DC had an interesting strategy of putting out the prelude to their new Green lantern "event" Blackest Night. I assume the idea is akin to that of drug dealers by giving away the first one free. It makes sense I suppose given this event will probably have fifty to sixty books tied into it over the next six months or so all at three or four dollars each, so if they hook someone into all those for a freebie it works out for them.

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