Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Start My Second Career: Plumber

Over the weekend we found a slight problem with Ginger's sink in the bathroom. Apparently it's got a small leak somewhere. It's already gotten a majority of the stuff under her sink wet. My guess is it's been doing this way for a while now since a lot of the stuff under her sink had suffered some water damage. This means I get to play the part of a plumber again and try to fix it. This invariably means many many trips to the hardware store in my future. I don't know why but whenever I attempt one of these projects I can never seem to finish without at least three trips to the hardware store. To make matters worse, the toilet downstairs has started spraying water out of the top of the basin when you flush it. I guess when it rains, it pours (or if not when it rains, apparently when you flush).

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

The day Kate was born I discovered that the Y pipe under the kitchen sink leading from both drains to the wall had slipped from the drain pipes and the large, main sink was draining directly into the cabinet. Luckily, directly under it was a stack of cloth placements, cloth napkins, dish towels, and table cloths. They were soaked, but the cabinet was alright. We called the company that did our renovations and they sent the idiot contractor (who we hate) out to fix it. Not only did he try to blame it on us, but he left water running into the cabinet when we went out for a part, and then he tried to shake me down for $20 for the part. I told him he could frack'n bill me, if he wanted a letter from my attorney.