Sunday, November 30, 2008

Up Goes The Kid's Tree

Ginger had nursery duty at church this morning. And she had a full set of kids (seven) and no one to help her, so I got stuck helping. This means I'll probably end up coming down with something in the next couple of days as the toddlers are just little walking germ factories.

After church it was raining and we couldn't really do anything outside. So Ginger decided it would be a good time to put up the kid's Christmas tree in the basement. I didn't do a time lapse video like I did a couple years ago, looking back on that I might have to do that again next year. I'm amazed at how much the kids have grown in the past two years and the video would be completely different now since they do most of the stuff themselves and stand on chairs to put ornaments onto the tree.

I think the kids did a really good job decorating their tree. Quinn put on most of the lights himself. It's just a matter of time now until Ginger wants to put up the tree on the main floor. Later in the day after we had finished putting up the tree Ken and Amanda came over for an impromptu play date and dinner. All in all a nice relaxing day with the only downside being that I know tomorrow I have to return to work.

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