Saturday, November 22, 2008

Amanda's Build-A-Bear Birthday Party

Catherine and Ginger attended Amanda's birthday party today. It was held at Build-A-Bear. Catherine decided to make a Dobie (that's one of our cats). Funny thing about this Dobie, we've been told he's a boy cat, but we've also been told he likes to wear dresses. Afterward Catherine and Ginger bought some more accessories for Dobie (because that's how Build-A-Bear works) and they got a baby Dobie for Catherine and they purchased a Bat Bear outfit for Quinn. Quinn wasn't attending since it was an all girl party, but don't feel too bad for him because Nana was up and that meant Quinn got her time exclusively the entire time Catherine was gone.

Oh yea, and Ginger wanted me to know I left out some stuff when I descrbied Parent's night a couple days ago. I apparently forgot to mention Catherine also showed us some of the reading she was doing by reading through a stack of about fifty flash card words. And that she also was able to name and label almost all the countries and territories in South America (which is probably better than I could do, which is sad but true).

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