Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nice Speech, But Where's My Tent

The election is over and Spotty give his acceptance speech. Trust me when I say that I suspect only family will want to watch this since it's hard to hear and understand. Let me just give you the highlights.

  1. Spotty claims he's going to keep his promises, but there's no mention of what those promises are.
  2. Apparently there's going to be a party with cookies and cake to celebrate the win, but there's no mention of my tent.
  3. Spotty and Hippo are ... brothers? Truthfully I did not see that coming.
  4. The next election will be Hippo against Blackie. Oh, and this will evidently happen in January.
  5. Elmo has been hitting the sauce, either that or he has trouble counting (really, it could go either way).
  6. No one else in the house cares about the speech since in the kitchen everyone just keeps right on talking through the whole video. *

The video was taken Saturday night when Ken and Amanda were over, hence all the chatter coming from the kitchen. Sadly today Quinn has been coughing a lot, so if this keeps up we'll probably end up keeping him home from school on Monday.

There's no justice. Knight Rider gets a full season pick up and yet The Middleman has been effectively canceled. They claim DVD sales could save the show, but I have my doubts. If and when the DVD does come out, you should consider renting the first one and check it out if you're a fan of intelligent shows with snappy banter (while the premise of show is something of a cross between Men In Black, the old Get Smart TV show and The X-Files, the dialogue seems like something out of Buffy / Veronica Mars).

* In their defense this was the second time Spotty gave the speech, the first time I was out getting food for dinner.

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