Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Spotty Endorsed By Cookie Monster

In what can only be considered a mixed blessing of sorts Spotty picks up an endorsement from Cookie Monster only to have things take a violent turn as snowman disagrees with his choice. And yes, Quinn filmed this himself in case you couldn't tell.


gaz said...

you might want to rename your video though. the line of videos that scrolled aross the bottom of the window when yours has finished were definitely not political!
two words - 'g' and 'spot'.

JamesF said...

gaz: two words - 'g' and 'spot'.

Lovely. Thanks for the heads up. I went in and changed the title and tags, but it's still showing the "similar videos" like what you saw. My guess is the data is currently cached or something and doesn't automatically update when I save my new settings. If it doesn't fix itself by tonight I'll just reupload the video with different text once I get home.

Cheryl said...

...Quinn filmed this himself...

Apparently during an earthquake.


Oh, and this is Curt, not Cheryl.