Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Isn't What It Used To Be

This is depressing news. FOX is getting out of the Saturday morning cartoon business. To add insult to injury they're going to be replacing the cartoons with infomercials (because you need Ginsu knives that can cut through this tin can and still remain razor sharp). This leaves the CW network as the only game left in town for Saturday morning cartoons. I find this all a bit depressing since I have really fond memories of Saturday mornings when I was growing up and with the way things are going my kids won't have that same memory. Back in the day there were cartoons playing from like six in the morning until noon. And all the big three networks at the time were showing them. In fact I can remember being torn between which ones I wanted to watch. All that's changed now. With DVRs and networks dedicated to only showing cartoons there's no real need to have a specific time to show them for kids. Guess you're out of luck if you don't have cable though. The only good news is since the same company was providing the programming for FOX and CW that now some of the more popular FOX shows will move over to the CW, which means hopefully that there will still be some new episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man in the future since that was being shown on FOX.


gaz said...

r.i.p. morning tv!
on our 2 main tv channels over here they used to show a 3 hour show each which included cartoons, phone-in competitions for the kids to win prizes, surprise guests, silly games, etc. now they seem to spend half their air time cutting to the ads to advertise toys!! our boys haven't watched them for a while.
do you watch 'the secret show' over there? - i think it's on nick. that's my boys favourite at the moment. it's hilariously scripted.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

I was just discussing this very topic with Cheryl on Saturday (while Loren watched Toot & Puddle from the DVR!