Friday, November 28, 2008

T-Day +1

Friday was spent just lounging around. For me it was in large part because I had consumed so much the day before I was having a hard time moving. Nana was still in town and ended up sticking around for most of the day. This is one of the first years that no one had ventured out to try and take advantage of Black Friday deals. For me I just decided I would rather pay more than try to get up and to a store by 4 AM. Seriously, were there tons of people demanding that stores open earlier or something? Four am? Are they serious? At that point I'll pay the extra $50 just to be able to sleep in and not have to fight the crowds.

For some reason just before noon people thought it would be a good idea if the kids went outside on the deck while only in the their pajamas and raked up some leaves. Luckily Ginger took pictures of the event so now if the kids get sick over the next week or so I can point back to this photographic evidence and blame this.

After coming in from the deck and getting dressed Catherine got some mild banana curls in her hair. I'll confess to not previously knowing what exactly a banana curl was, but having a daughter opens you up to all this new information. Catherine was proudly showing off her new curls to everyone and even posed for pictures.

Other highlights of the day were Quinn perusing The Rokenbok catalog and website making a list of all the 60+ dollar items he wanted. Luckily he at least understands a little bit about how much things cost, because items that were over $100 he decided were too expensive (although he also decided that maybe Grammy and Pop Pop could buy him one of the 100+ dollar items). Why they decided to get him any of this Rokenbok stuff at all is beyond me. It's like giving a free hit to a crack addict and then hoping he won't want anymore (not that I'm saying Quinn is a crack addict, but he can get a tad obsessive trying to get certain items).

The kids also helped Grammy and Pop Pop's put up and decorate their Christmas tree. Because it is one day after Thanksgiving and therefore the Christmas season is in full swing already. I say that jokingly, but back home several of the malls have had Christmas decorations up for several weeks now. The "season" just starts earlier and earlier each year I guess. Plus this year is seems like stores are trying to milk everyone for all the money they can as fast as they can because it feels like they believe people will eventually realize how bad the economic situation really is and stop spending (maybe that's why there were stores opening at 4 AM this year).

Quinn of course was most interested in getting the train that runs around the base of the tree up and running.

Once it was all said and done the tree looked really nice.

And then after the tree was done both kids took a couple moments to pause and take some pictures with Grandmaw.

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gaz said...

wow - trees going up already. i'm hanging on for maybe another week and a half, 2 weeks tops. of course other members of the household have other ideas!