Thursday, November 27, 2008


After our quick trip to Richmond last night we celebrated Thanksgiving in Richmond with Ginger's folks. Nana also made the trip to Richmond to spend the day with us. Since it's getting harder for Ginger's grandmother to travel, we decided to move Thanksgiving down to Richmond this year (and just after I had gotten all the grandparents trained to come to our house for holidays).

Quinn decided he really wanted to help with the meal and decided he would be a waiter and bring everyone their drinks. Considering we had no broken glasses I'm going to call it a rousing success.

And for whatever reason this year we finally got to have turkey for Thanksgiving. In years past we've had roasts and ham, but for some reason turkey had always been avoided. Bu thankfully this year it was on the menu. This also provided a chance for the kids to try it. Catherine loved it, and Quinn, well, Quinn ate some just so he could play the Wii, but I could tell he wasn't really into it. The good news is that for the meal Quinn tried several bites of turkey, a bite of broccoli, and a small helping of carrot souffle. Of the three the carrot souffle might be something that sticks since that was the item he would come back to and wasn't making a face while eating.

Later during the meal Quinn attempted to entertain us with a musical number. And then Catherine showed us the danger of consuming too much on Thanksgiving (Sir Mixalot would be proud). Sadly I forgot to get a group picture of everyone, so all I have from the day are pictures of the kids.

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