Saturday, November 15, 2008

Behold The Power Of The Wii

Another day where we had big plans, but ultimately do nothing. We had planned on driving into Vienna since the model train exhibit was going to be open this weekend. But considering lunch took a couple hours and didn't end until after three we didn't think we would have enough daylight to make the trip worthwhile. So instead Ken brought Amanda by for an impromptu play date with the kids. And we got a some rain on and off throughout the day, enough so that we ended up with multiple rainbows over the course of the day. The most interesting part of this was Quinn claiming it was the first rainbow he had ever seen. Even though Ginger and I know he's seen many of them previously, and even Catherine told him he had seen them before when she had seen them, so we were all a bit puzzled by his comment and not quite sure what he was trying to say (maybe this was the first full one he had seen where he could see both ends of it).

And yes, that is a picture up above of Quinn with a banana. That's right, the child was eating a banana. It's amazing what the child will eat just for a chance to play the Wii (Lego Batman has been a real winner in that both kids love and an it's great as incentive). Although when I offered him something new to eat earlier in the day for lunch (I think I was offering him a bite of my tuna fish sandwich) he actually told me "You don't have to play video games all the time," which I believe is code for "Even playing the Wii isn't worth eating that."

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gaz said...

the wii truly can be an awesome weapon...
we too have witnessed it's powerful hold over our offspring.