Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad Carma

While we had almost no traffic problems getting to Richmond, we ran into all kinds of traffic heading home on Saturday. We left just before five, which was significantly later than we intended. That's because everyone went out to the toy store earlier (except for me, I stayed at the house and worked). And it's good they went to the toy store, because they managed to find some Batman Lego items. We've been looking for these things online and and the major retailers have all sold out, and all the smaller shops are charging double or more than double the retail price (hint, if you see any in stores, buy them and ebay them, you'll make a killing). But that good fortune came at a cost as on the trip home we were in slow traffic nearly the entire trip. The sad part was we were about 30 minutes too late the entire trip. For almost the entire trip Ginger could see on her iPhone that the traffic about 10 miles ahead of us was moving fine, but then by the time we would get to that section it had slowed to a crawl. Had we managed to leave 30 minutes sooner we might not have run into much in the way of traffic at all. The trip back home ended up being over three and a half hours. Pretty brutal considering the trip is normally only about two hours. And I know people will find this hard to believe, but for the most part I am not an overly patient person, so sitting in traffic that is barely moving just about kills me. I managed to work through it though and about halfway through the trip I managed to get past being irritated by the situation and became more resigned to our fate and realizing there wasn't really anything I could do. After that the trip didn't bother me as much.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

Did you sigh a lot and just say, "Fine."


Seriously, I've made that trip from Richmond to NoVA many, many times and it can really suck.