Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Run Fatboy Run

Ginger and I watched Run Fatboy Run over the weekend. I don't know what I was expecting going in, but I enjoyed the movie a lot. In fact it's one of the funniest non-Judd Apatow comedies I've seen in quite a while. I'm going to have to credit a lot of this to Simon Pegg since he helped write the screenplay as well as starred in the movie. He seems to really be hitting all cylinders with his movies and roles. I can't really describe why I liked the movie as much as a I did, since there wasn't anything really too far outside the norm of typically movie scripts. Maybe it's the protagonist isn't necessarily a really likable and has a ton of flaws. Maybe that makes him more easier to relate to versus the standard lovable loser stereotype most movies typically have. I do think there are more funny bits near the beginning of the movie and it's more drama-ish as the movie goes on, but by then you've gotten a bit invested in the story and want to see how it resolves. And yes, the resolution is a bit too neat and pat, but it is a movie, so they can't go but so far outside the framework. I will add that Ginger didn't seem to like the movie as much as I did since she started reading a book partway through the movie.

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