Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Wet First Day

The remnants of Hurricane Bill were vexing us today. It was raining most of the morning. Only a light drizzle for part of it, but enough that we didn't get into out swimsuits to go to the beach in the morning.

We did head over to the community beach house to get our parking passes and pool passes. The place we're staying at has some really nice amenities. There's a private (community access) pool that's right next to the beach. There's the beach access right there at the pool. They have a shuttle that you can just call and will come pick you up and drive you over to the clubhouse. There's tennis courts too. All in all it's pretty nice considering how little this is costing us. Overall it's probably two thirds of what we were paying for a week in the house we had a month ago.

While we were there we decided to check out the beach access. We didn't stay out for long since it was overcast, foggy and misting for a large amount of the time we were there (it was a red flag / no swimming day, not unsurprising given the hurricane had just passed). Luckily right after we left was when the rain really started to come down. We used that time to run by the grocery store and get some of our shopping done. We weren't the only ones that had this idea though since the place was packed (it is a weekend, so I suspect many other people also needed to get food for the week).

We did head out to the beach in the afternoon. The clouds still looked ominous when we first got there. And because the rain had just let up we had the beach to ourselves for the most part. Eventually the sun came out and it turned out to be a really nice end of the day (a lot of other people slowly started showing up at the beach also).

After the beach we drove down the road and visited a local fish market place that we've used in the past to grab some food for dinner. We were planning on just grabbing some fresh seafood and going home and cooking it, but they can grill it up for you right there also. So we ordered some grub (and stopped by Wendy's to get some food we knew would be safe for Catherine) and headed back to our community area and went to one of the soundside parks to eat our dinner.

The area was nice and I was able to get some nice photos while we were there.

The kids got the idea to go wading in the sound for a bit. This was all well and fun until Quinn slipped on the stairs and fell all the way in (it happened right after Ginger took the photo below). He ended up getting pretty upset about it and we ended up leaving immediately at that point. Apparently getting completely wet in a bathing suit at the pool or the ocean is perfectly fine, but getting wet in your street clothes is traumatic.

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