Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Another Day At The Beach

In an attempt to avoid the jellyfish that were in the area yesterday we revisited Coquina beach today. The water was a bit on the rough side (the swimming flags were orange / yellow), but I assume that's because of tropical storm / potential hurricane Danny that's coming up the coast. The beach still had tons of shells at the break point, so coupling that with the fact that the waves were a bit rougher than normal it meant Quinn wasn't able to go out on the boogie board.

The kids played in the sand. Catherine built sand structures while Quinn used the boogie board as a ferry moving his plastic trucks around the sand. At one point Catherine found a beached fish that looked dead, but we got some water and tossed it in and after a bit it seemed to recover. We eventually released it back into the ocean.

Catherine big idea of fun was basically digging a hole right where the water comes up and then standing in it and letting it fill up. I can't even begin to count the number of holes she had me digging while we were there.

For the evening we headed back to the go-karts since that's all Quinn has really wanted to do. Remember the other night when Quinn didn't do the junior race because he would have been the only one. Well, he was the only one again today, and since we weren't sure what tomorrow was going to be like we went ahead and let him do it since he really wanted to even if it was just him out there (because once again Catherine showed no interest in wanting to do it this time, despite Quinn's best efforts to try and convince her otherwise). I have some video of him driving, but since it's just him driving around the track by himself I'll spare everyone and not show it.

After the go-karts Catherine decided what she really wanted to do was the bumper cars again. Once again it was just us doing the bumper cars. I decided to forgo participating this time. Catherine's vehicle seemed a bit broken in that it didn't really seem to respond the controls unless she used a ton of force, so she was at a disadvantage and got bumped a fair amount (although I think Quinn realized she wasn't able to move as well and instead focused on bumping Ginger).

After that we went next door and did the prehistoric mini golf course. It was just Catherine and Quinn playing again. And once again it was a total time sink in that we were behind several groups that were all playing at a snail's pace.

And there was nothing but overcast tonight, so no sunset pictures. Instead I'll just toss in some random shots I took throughout the day.

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