Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everybody Jump!

Today at the pool Catherine did her first solo jumping off the diving board. As you may recall (if you've been reading this blog for years) there was a time ages ago where Catherine would jump from the diving board as I was in the water to catch her. The "rules" police eventually put a stop to that though.

Since Catherine's swam the length of our pool on her own we figured she was more than ready to do the diving board on her own (which is the only way the rule police will allow it) and we were just waiting for her to ask. And today she did. And so it begins...

For her first time off the diving board I think she did fantastic. She took a little longer on the board to jump than was necessary, but she seemed to show no fear about jumping itself (and I think the reason she would take longer on the board is because everyone was focusing attention on her at that point and she probably liked that).

We even got Quinn to try diving. It took a lot of tries, but he eventually got the gist of what he was suppose to be doing. It took a long time for him to actually go into the water head first. A lot "dives" turned into just jumping in or belly flops. I was wincing a lot from the belly flop jumps, but he claimed none of it was hurting that much (although after one of them he decided he needed to rest for a little bit before jumping again).

This of course led Catherine to try diving. She only tried once or twice, and all of her attempts started out with her looking like she was going to dive then pulling up and just jumping in (although I think in her mind she dove). The shot below is about the closest she came to a real dive.

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