Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation: Trip II

Since we didn't get to properly finish our vacation, we decided we would go ahead and go back and try to get that one last week in. We got a pretty good deal on the house since it was end of the season. We're past the prime paying season, and by renting this late in the game we were actually able to get 20% off the price. So while taking a third week of vacation isn't extremely cost effective, it was a lot cheaper than I was expecting it to be.

So I decided to take off from work on Friday and we left early so that we could spend the night in Richmond. We ended up leaving later than we wanted to (totally my fault for not being completely ready and packed the night before). We left late around 1:30 PM, which was bad since apparently everyone leaves DC early on Friday for the weekend. The trip to Richmond ended up taking us over three hours. It took two hours just to go about 50 miles (and that was after making pretty good time for the first 30 minutes).

We got to Richmond late, but Will (who's back on this coast between classes) and Jo Beth were both in Richmond, so they came over to have dinner with us. The kids even put on a performance for them (I really wish I had taped it, or taken some pictures, but I wasn't thinking).

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