Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pool Video

I got to play with a new video editing program by Adobe. Ok, it's not "new" since I've owned it for over a year and a half, but it's newly installed. It required some special CPU specific operations that my computer didn't support back then. The interface is different from Window's Movie Maker. Probably better, but at this point without knowing all the tricks on how to use it I actually found it harder to use initially since I had to relearn how to do everything I wanted to accomplish. So I tossed together a bunch of video from the trip to the pool last weekend. The cool thing about this program is it can use .mov (Quicktime) files as imported media. Something that Window's Movie Maker had never allowed (I assume due to their contentious relationship with Apple). This was nice in that it meant I no longer had to run conversion programs to create .avi files from the .mov files (and it saves on disk space since those converted .avi files would be about a Gig of data for five minutes of video. Oh yea, and since this new program has a lot of new (to me) transition scenes, I *may* have went a little overboard on the types of transitions used in the video.

These videos were taken on the first day Quinn was attempting diving (there is at least one attempt at diving by Catherine as well). This was also the first time Catherine jumped off the diving board solo. All in all it's pretty long and probably really boring to those people that aren't family. And for the people that may be squeamish I'll just warn you now there are a few belly flops near the end by Quinn that, to me anyway, were cringe worthy and painful to watch.

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The Dogfather said...

There were some good dives in there, and nice flip James. I never did master the flip. Even looks like Catherine is getting it too.

As for the belly flops... Ouch.