Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Day At The Beach

With today being our last day here we wanted to make sure we got as much in as we could, so we hit the community beach access this morning. The waves were pretty rough and there were still a fair number of jellyfish visible as you waded out, so we packed up and headed back to the community pool. We hung out there for a bit, but then Quinn started talking back and being generally rude and ended up having to leave early. So I escorted him back to the house via the shuttle (in retrospect making him miss out on swimming wasn't as much of a punishment as I would have liked since he had really wanted to take the shuttle at some point).

After lunch we headed back out, but this time we went to the sound side. The kids had new water shoes we had bought earlier in the week. That's because neither Ginger nor myself relished the idea of them walking around in the sound in bare feet. I was too afraid of broken glass or something. The water level was pretty low, so they were able to walk a good way out into the sound. I suspect they could have gone out even further had they wanted, but eventually I think they got tired of just walking around (as it wasn't really deep enough to swim in).

After that we decided to head back to the beach to get in one last beach visit before we had to leave. The jellyfish weren't as prevalent now, so Quinn got to out on the boogie board a bit. I also managed to convince Catherine to go out one last time and try the boogie board. She managed to catch a wave and ride it in, but after that she was done with wanting to be in the water. She much more enjoyed walking along the beach and chopping up any jellyfish she found (revenge is sweet apparently).

We eventually had to leave the beach though as it looked like Danny was approaching from the south. It's the first time I've ever seen storm clouds with noticeable bands like that. It looked pretty ominous.

Once we were back at the house the "fun" part of day began as we had to pack everything up. Then we said goodbye to the house and were on our way back to Richmond.


gaz said...

great composition on the shot of the kids on the jetty. that one should be on your wall...

JamesF said...

I would love to take credit for that one, but that was taken by Ginger.