Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To Coquina

Went to the Bee Beach (Coquina) today. Ginger had the idea that we would get there and build a sand castle / city and watch as high tide came in and tore it apart. Two things went wrong with this plan. One was me not getting up and ready that quickly. Two was the slope of the beach at coquina makes it so that there's not a lot of difference in the last couple of hours of high tide. So the city we build was safe for the most part with the levies only being breached once or twice, and the buffers we had in place prevented any breaches from being significant.

Unfortunately the waves were incredibly rough, and as I've mentioned before Coquina has tons and tons of shells, so much so that at the wave breaking point you're not walking on sand, but walking on lots of little shells (and the occasional large one). Which when the waves are smashing down at the break point pretty hard is actually is a lot more painful on your feet than you might think.

Oh, I also bought one of those wave skimmers since Quinn had seen people using them for the past couple of days. We didn't buy the cheapest one, nor did we purchase the most expensive one. But I will say it was basically wasted money. Quinn almost lost it in the waves a couple of times and he never really was able to balance on it. And there are so many shells at Coquina that it just never really worked well at all. And since we bought one of the smaller ones when I tried to use it (which I never did do very well) I was never able to get it to move far and it would almost immediately sink into the sand.

While we were at the beach it became obvious (Catherine at least was lying down on the blanket she was so tired) the kids were missing out on some sleep by getting up so early each day. So once we got home we forced the kids to take a nap (which as a by product gave us the chance to take one too). Unfortunately I spent most of the nap time logged in to work trying to locate a bug in my code. I eventually found the problem. What's embarrassing is the place causing the problem had a big comment that said "FIXME" and the described exactly what needed to be added and what you would see if it wasn't there (which is exactly the problem I was seeing). So basically I knew beforehand this was going to be a problem, but had backburnered it to fix more pressing issues at the time and then promptly forgot about it.

After we all got up from our nap we headed out to the racetrack. Quinn was going to drive the junior cars, but Catherine didn't want to do it and they didn't have any other junior drivers. And I thought it would be quite silly to just have him driving around out on the track alone. So instead we all did the bumper cars. We were the only ones doing it, so it was just the four of us out there. I had the point and shoot camera out and tried to do bumper car cam. The results of which are dubious to say the least (hope no one gets motion sickness from the video).

We then headed over the Adventureland Mini Gold. The whole reason we went there was because we had that free coupon from last time. But after getting stuck behind another group of incredibly slow people I've decided I never want to go there again (besides, this time they had the water cut off and the "train" was broken, so some of the more interesting aspects to the kids weren't even there).

We tried to get some seafood for dinner, only to realize all the markets close at 6 (by this time it was already past 7). So instead we stopped by Rita's for some ice drinks and grabbed fast food for dinner (which I know, it's terrible to eat fast food on vacation, but it prevented us from having to wait for a table somewhere and it kept Ginger or myself from having to cook). And because golfing took so long there was no way we could make it back in any type of reasonable time in order to try and take some sunset pictures tonight. It was still a bit cloudy, so I'm unsure it would have been any better than the previous couple of nights, but I was still disappointed I didn't get to make it out.

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