Monday, August 10, 2009

Car Window Replacement

Back on Friday when I was on my way to a going away lunch for one of our interns I rolled down my window (rolled being archaic at this point since it has automatic windows, but you know what I mean). As I was approaching the restaurant I was started putting up the window and heard a large *CRACK*. I turned and saw the window drop a little bit, then go up some, then drop, then go up, etc. Once I parked and inspected what had happened the window was no longer secured at all.

So I slide the window up as best I could and lodged it into place in a closed position. After lunch the window and slid down a tad, but not much. Once I returned to work I once again raised the window as high as I could by clasping my hand on both sides of the window and raising it manually trying to lodge it into place. It seemed to stay in place, but apparently not for long, because after work the window had slid back down and was practically wide open (luckily it was sunny out and not raining).

I drove it home, parked in the garage and then used duct tape on the window over the top to try and keep the window in the up position. This seemed to work pretty well. At least I thought it did until I checked on it the next morning the window had fallen all the way into the door and was no longer able to be retrieved. So today I had to take the car in to try and get the window repaired. I had been pretty convinced the crack I heard was the glass shearing off, but it turns out window wasn't broken like I thought. The regulator had broken and the window no longer was secured on the door, but the window itself hadn't been broken.

The good news is this meant I only had to pay for the labor to take apart the door and put in the new regulator. Of course it also meant I was without my car for the day, but you take the good with the bad. I had meant to get a picture of the door with the duct tape, but by the time I went out the next day to the garage with the camera was when I noticed that the window had completely disappeared into the door (so you're stuck with a random summer leftover photo above).

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