Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Beach

Today was a very nice day. We hit the beach this morning and boy was it was crowded. More crowded I think than any beach we've ever been too that I can recall. The community pool was even worse. I suspect it's because this was the first nice day of the week so everyone was out trying to get in their beach allotment for the week.

We hung out at the beach for a good while, but there were still some warnings about riptides and undercurrents (probably left over from the hurricane passing by). Because of that the kids weren't able to travel too far out into the water. They were still able to go out a little ways, and they seemed to enjoy that. Quinn likes "fighting" the waves or trying to jump them. Catherine on the other hand hates the idea of a wave crashing into her so she never ventures out quite as far as Quinn.

We did manage to capture a small baby sand crab. That little guy managed to keep the kids attention for a while. I had never really seen one that young.

It was early afternoon by the time we headed home and grabbed lunch. The beach was significantly less crowded when we left leaving us to wonder if maybe we should adjust our schedule to try and get out to the beach later in the afternoon.

After we had lunch we headed back over to the pool for a bit. Luckily the pool was much less crowded at this point also.

After putting the kids to bed I headed back out to the park to try and get some sunset pictures. The conditions weren't ideal, so none of the shots from today were all that impressive.

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