Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Long Drive

We ended up sticking around Richmond most of the day. There's currently a "debate" between myself and Ginger as to whose fault this is. Realistically she's probably right and the blame lies with me. I did get up late, and then the storm warning that came through prevented us from leaving until the afternoon.

The drive was uneventful for the most part, which is always a good thing. I guess that's one of the perks of getting there late is that you miss all the morning / afternoon traffic.

We did get to see a nice sunset just as we were passing into NC. Catherine and Ginger were trying to take pictures of it (Catherine with her camera, Ginger with her iPhone). Unfortunately taking pictures with the iPhone from a moving car in less than ideal lighting doesn't seem to work so well (and Catherine was using her flash, so a lot of her pictures were worse). We also saw a rainbow at the same time (which I had never really seen one that late at night before). We didn't arrive until well after the realty company was closed and it was well past the kid's bedtime by the time we got there.

Now for a bit of bad news. Quinn's ear has been hurting. And earlier it was showing some drainage issues. Ginger ended up calling the pediatrician about it and they said it's either swimmer's ear or an ear infection. If it's swimmer's ear it should take care of itself after a while. If it's an ear infection we'll probably be having to stop by a doctor while we're down here. He was showing a slight fever before going to bed. And now that I write that, I realize I need to go out and get a new thermometer. And you can probably guess why we need a new one, but it started something like this. "Put this under your tongue. Under it. Lift your tongue. Lift it. This has to go under your tongue to work. Lift your tongue. Touch your noes with your tongue." And it ended with "You realize if you can't get this to work it has to go in the other end."

The good news is that the Food Lion near us is open 24 hours. I'm not sure when that started but I like it. That allowed me to go last night and pick up some essentials and there was no one there. And then it allowed me to go back and get bottled water when I got back and realized (by being scolded by Ginger) that I forgotten it. Luckily we're probably less than a mile away from the Food Lion, so it's not like it's that long of a trip to get there. And I liked the fact that as I was walking through the store one of the stocking guys (an older fellow) that had seen me earlier said "Forgot something, eh?".

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