Saturday, June 06, 2009

Separate Agendas

Catherine had yet another birthday party to attend today. This was another one of the kids in her class at school. These things seem to be pretty clustered to me. I'm not seeing a equal distribution of birthday across the calendar. It seems like there are an awful lot of them in the spring time.

In addition to having pony rides this one also had an appearance by The Great Zucchini. At least I think that's The Great Zucchini. Since I wasn't there I really don't know who the entertainment was.

While Ginger and Catherine were out at the birthday party the rest of us went on a bike ride over to the local school. We also biked down to the baseball field where it looked like a little league game was taking place. Quinn seems to have the world's shortest attention span. We were barely at the game before he was ready to take off and go to the playground, then after that he wanted to go to a vacant baseball field and try and play kickball, then it was off to the new playground by the pool. I get exhausted just trying to keep up with him.

Oh yea, Quinn got his birthday presents from Nana today also. Big surprise, it's more Lego stuff. There was another Star Wars Lego item in addition to the Lego Batman item above.

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