Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dawn Of The Pool Post

Ginger and Catherine had another birthday party to go attend today. So I let Quinn pick what we would do while they were out. To be honest I wasn't overly surprised that we ended up riding our bikes over to the pool for a bit. As cold as I thought the water was last time I swear I thought it was even colder this time. That didn't stop Quinn at all though. Or stop him from insisting I get in also.

We did have one minor incident though. There was older kid (male) in the pool that looked to be mentally challenged. A couple other kids were playing on the basketball goal, and one them went up to dunk the ball and the back of the board broke off. At this the one guy start shouting out profanity at them. Calling them GDMF's and C's and all sorts of vulgar names. And the profanity just kept flowing, the kid obviously wasn't going to stop. Quinn of course started watching this intensely. I tried my best to distract him because quite frankly I don't need him to be asking about those words just yet. I settled on the "Quick, jump in the pool and see how long you can stay underwater" tactic. And once he came back up the "That was good, let's see if you can beat that time, go!" Eventually what I assume was the parent of the kid led him away, so the crisis was partially diverted.

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