Monday, June 08, 2009

Mo Money Mo Money

Our home refinance is finally done. We're no longer one of those crazy sub prime loans that caused so much heartache for the economy. We used to have a 4.75% 7 year ARM that was interest only. We were only four and a half years into the loan, but with the rates being pretty low we figured it was time to lock in something. Unfortunately we're at a slightly higher rate now (4.875% I believe), but it's stable now. For now we're out a fair chunk of change though since the taxes are due in a month on the house and we had to pay those (even though the escrow account at the old mortgage should be covering those, since this is a new loan we have to pay the taxes and fund the escrow account). So we'll be waiting patiently and checking the mail every day for the check from the old mortgage company to show up. And since company's selling mortgages is all the rage, would anyone want to take a bet on how long before our mortgage gets sold from the company we just signed with to some other company?

And in other news it looks like Apple announced their new tech and lower prices today. Which is just fantastic considering we just bought Ginger a MacBook Pro about five weeks ago. In addition they released info on the fancy new iPhones too at seriously reduced prices also. That one I don't mind as much since we've gotten a fair amount of use out of Ginger's iPhone to date and I would say it's been one of the better "quality of life" purchases that we've made.

And as if we weren't spending enough it appears the refrigerator in the garage is dying. It's not exactly keeping stuff cold at the moment. I know this isn't helped by the fact that it's been pretty warm lately and therefore the garage gets really hot, so whatever is wrong is only being made worse by that. So in addition to everything else we're going to be going out and getting another refrigerator (and I say we like I'm going to be involved, but in reality I will probably try my best not to be).

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