Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dance Recital

Today was the big dance recital day. Nana, Grammy and Pop Pop all came up to watch the performance. First we had to drive over for the dress rehearsal early this morning. Then it was back home and waiting until we got to drive back over again for the actual performance. Unlike previous years they were allowing photographs during the performance, but no flash photography and no video photography.

Quinn's group was doing hip hop dancing in case it isn't obvious.

None of my shots from the rehearsal or the actual performance came out looking too good. This was even using my 50mm 1.8f stop lens and shooting at something like 640 ISO. From the looks of the pictures I should have gone even more manual as it appears the white balance favored a longer shutter trying to get the background correctly exposed versus the people on the stage. One of these days I'll figure out how to work my camera correctly then all will be right with the world. But then then what will I have to complain about (who am I kidding, I would find something)?

Okay, in looking at the shots I picked for the blog it's become apparent I took lots of shots with Catherine's arms up in the air. Let me assure everyone that her arms were not constantly up in the air as these pictures imply.

Funny thing about looking at these pictures of the performance. Just from looking at them it seems like Quinn is having much more fun up on stage than Catherine is. Not sure why, but Catherine just doesn't look like she's enjoying herself that much whereas from looking at the pictures Quinn is just having a grand ole time.

And speaking of not enjoying herself, afterward Catherine was very sad because we didn't get her flowers after her performance like a lot of the other kids got. She did get a stuffed webkinz kitty cat though, and that seemed to brighten up her mood a bit. Now we know next year to get flowers no matter what.

Quinn went back to Richmond with Grammy and Pop Pop and Ginger and Catherine will be heading down in a couple days to join them for the week.

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