Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aesthetically Unpleasing Apparently

So a while back KennyG turned me onto the Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine that rates photos via a computer. Basically looking for patterns of things in pictures people rate highly and then applying those rules to the photo you submit. Based on this I should just stop taking pictures altogether.

I went ahead and submitted some of my more recent shots. And when all those came in between 4 (I kid you not) and 36 I had to go back even further to winter. Dobie and Ginger scored my first one that had at least a 50 rating.

So I had to go back even further. This one broke 50, but just barely.

Going back even further I managed to make it all the way to the low mid 50s.

This one came in at 69.2 and was my first one out of the 50s. It still only rated a thumbs sideways though.

This one came in at 72.2 and was my first thumbs up rating of the batch I submitted. It's also one my favorite shots, so I felt good about it getting a thumbs up. But as to which picture rated highest? The winner is.... *drumroll*...

Shaky Christmas Tree Lights. This scored 99.2 for some reason. So basically the only way I can take a good aesthetically pleasing picture is to take a bad picture. *sigh*

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The Dogfather said...

I dunno why I get blamed for your "overly steady" photographic hand...