Saturday, June 13, 2009

Princess Rules

Quinn has a birthday party to attend today so this morning Ginger and Quinn went to get a gift. While they were gone Catherine decided I would be playing Barbies with her.

Catherine usually gets upset with me playing Barbies because "I don't play the right way." Meaning I have the Prince doing stuff like scaling the castle, or sitting on the couch watching TV or (and I got chastised for this once) having him go see his subjects to see what he could be doing better.

Since Catherine was going to be in charge of this session she laid down some rules.

The Prince can't see the Princess changing clothes.

No problem. I can fully get behind this rule (not sure why this is a rule though). Then it started getting a bit odd.

The Prince can't marry the Princess because the Princess' Mom won't allow it.

Hmm, okay. That's not really a "rule" per se, but whatever. Not sure where this came from, but I'll go with it.

The Prince can pay to the Princess' Mom $2 and gain her approval.

Two dollars? Really? Just two dollars? I tried explaining that the Prince probably has a large kingdom, and he's living it up in the fancy clothes and stuff while his serfs are out tolling for their food and having to pay a portion of everything they make to the ruling caste. So they probably have a bit more than two dollars in the treasury. Never the less, two dollars was all that was required (it makes me think she has something she wants to buy that costs two dollars).

The Princess' Mom will use the $2 to buy a computer.

Now just wait a minute. Even if they buy one of those crappy netbooks they're going to have to spend more than two dollars for a computer. I mean that's not even show price.

Once the Prince and Princess are married, they immediately have a child (it just shows up upon getting married).

No comment at all from me. If that's what she believes I'm going with it for now.

Later in the day Ken and Amanda came over. While Amanda and Catherine were playing I took Quinn to the birthday party, which just so happened to be at a laser tag place. This was Quinn's first time playing and to say he loved it would be an understatement. This was also the first time I dropped off Quinn at a party and left him there on his own (too bad, I might have enjoyed Laser Tag, never played it myself since it's not like they had that when I was growing up). Once Quinn got back home all he did was talk about the Laser Tag game and how much fun it was (and how much he was sweating while he played). And then he informed us that's how he wanted to have his next birthday party.

After we got back all the kids played outside for a bit. This of course involved Quinn moving from activity to activity faster than you could keep track.

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