Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quinn's Last Day Of School

Today was Quinn's last day of school. The kids put on a very minor show for the parents and there was a graduation / progression ceremony for the older kids that are moving on to the next phase of school.

For some reason that we still haven't been able to determine Catherine started breaking out today. We suspect it's from some form of cross contamination, but at this point don't really know what it could have been. Luckily it's not too serious, but it does make her skin look bad (and it causes her to itch and scratch way more than she should). It was bad enough that Ginger gave her some Benadryl before she went to bed.


wtfree3 said...

OK, I can tell you're going to be writing more about Katherine in a little bit here. I have a theory what is going on.

dashrb said...

Maybe you should rename this post to "James' Last Post on this Blog".

Oh, and give me another 10 minutes before you rush over to see how long I let my blog lay idle.

JamesF said...

Ok, I'll admit. I've slacked off a bit. I had this crazy idea while on vacation I would be able to have time to catch up. Turns out I'm working on Engineering Reviews instead (kill me now).

And it doesn't help that I wanted to do some movies, but the only firewire cable I have is an old 6-pin one and the Macbook Pro apparently has a new connector.