Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's My Pizza?

After feeding the kids and getting them to bed, Ginger and I still hadn't had dinner yet. So Ginger ordered a pizza online to be delivered. An hour later it hadn't arrived. I just figured it's Papa Johns, that's about par for delivery time for them I thought. Ginger thought it was abnormally long though, so she went to check her order. Turns out that the last time we went down to Richmond we had taken Ginger's computer (so she could work on the slide shows for the school auction) and she had ordered pizza while there and had it delivered to her parent's house. And sure enough, this one that she had just ordered had used that last order as the delivery location and the pizza had been delivered to Ginger's parents down in Richmond. Ginger called them to find out if they enjoyed the free pizza, but it turns out they had refused the order. Ginger called the store and they didn't act overly upset and said they had credited the order back to her card. Still, I wouldn't want to eat the next pizza they order from Papa Johns down there since I'm sure that didn't sit well with the driver or the store manager.

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