Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

So everyone got on their Sunday best and we headed off to church. It was an interesting in that our normal Sunday school class only had four of us in it for a good portion of the class (and Ginger wasn't one of them since she was off acting as a helper in Catherine's Sunday School class). So I was able to let loose with a lot of issues I've had. I know, why wait until no one else is there. Well, two reasons. One is our classes teacher is the youth pastor for the church, so it's interesting to get his opinion on things. And the second reason is I know for a fact some of the people normally in the class have a drastically different interpretation of some scriptures than I do, and since that's generally a matter of personal opinion I don't like the idea of getting into a back and forth where I know neither side is necessarily going change their opinion in a larger group environment.

And Ginger was scheduled for the toddler class during normal church service, and since it was Easter (which means attendance was larger than normal) there I believe close to a record number of toddlers in the class. Since it was just her and a kid assistant I ended up getting drafted out of the service to help with the class. So neither of us got to actually hear the service.

And after what seemed to be a minor miraculous recovery at the vet yesterday Emily has taken a severe turn for the worse. Today she just hasn't been moving at all. The most she's done is try to stand up but only be able to get her front legs up and then after about 10 seconds or so basically fall down again. She's sleeping almost constantly and doesn't (or can't) really move. We've been moving her around to keep her near us, and we had her with us as we were watching TV. The plan is tomorrow Ginger and I will take her to the vet again while the kids are at school so they won't have to deal with it since she's clearly not getting any better and I don't think it's fair to let things continue since she's not eating or drinking.

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