Friday, April 10, 2009

Ginger And The Kids Are Back

Ginger and the kids returned home today. The brick video apparently was only mildly entertaining. There were two comments I got on from the kids that really summed it up for me. The first was "How did you make it talk?" Apparently there's no question about how I made the eyes and made them move, even though that was the hardest part. They just wanted to know how I made it talk. I suspect it's because they think the eyes are similar to the Noodle's eyes, but I have no proof of this. The second comment came from Quinn, and it was along the lines of "Why was it so short, it was only about 20 seconds." I tried explaining that those 20 seconds took a long time to create, but I'm not sure he really got it.

And on a sadder note, Emily has been acting odd. And before there are any comments she's acting odder than usual. She's having a lot of trouble walking, as if her back legs are having trouble (she's definitely favoring one side, and the other side seems to almost collapse if she puts too much weight on it). Add to that she seems disoriented a bit and isn't that interested in eating. And we've never known Emily to not be interested in eating. So we'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful about the outcome. Unless I've done the math wrong, she's at least 17 years old, which is really old for a cat.


wtfree3 said...

Sorry about the cat. Sounds like what happened to my childhood dog, who'd had a stroke. Hopefully, it's just a little dehydration.

gaz said...

sorry to hear about the cat - hope they can fix it.