Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Bike

A couple weeks ago we noticed that Catherine has just about completely outgrown her bike. If you look her knees are almost hitting the chin bar. When we originally bought them bikes we got Catherine a 16 inch wheel size and Quinn an 18 inch wheel size. It's looking like it's time to change. And rather than buy two new bikes, our current plan is to buy Quinn a new one and Catherine can take over Quinn's old bike (even though it's a "boy" bike, it's blue and Catherine's favorite color is blue these days). Thankfully she's out of the whole Princess phase at this point (although just my luck she'll end up wanting a Hello Kitty bike). We decided not to get something from a bike specialty store and instead just bought Quinn a Schwinn Spitfire from TRU. We went with the generic bike because the assumption is at some point in the future they're still going to outgrow the bikes again, so there's not a lot of point in spending two to three times as much for something that in a year or so we'll be discarding anyway.

The new bike won't be assembled and ready until Monday though, so we still needed to kill some time today. And since it's such a nice day out we decided to head to a park for a bit. I've been really impressed with both kids on the monkey bars. I know Quinn used to have a really hard time with these, but he seems to have built up enough upper body strength to do them now.

Apparently not even Ginger is immune to the siren call of playing with a lightsaber.

I think my camera still has some hairs or dust or something on the CCD, I really wish there was an easy way to get rid of that. I've seen the "How to" info out on the web, but the consequences of doing something wrong are so high that I've been reluctant to actually try and mess with it.

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